Singer, Sia, 44, has revealed how she felt when British singer Harry Styles flirted with her five years ago when he was just 21 and she was 35.

The ‘Chandelier’ hitmaker who has managed to keep her relationship life private said she felt ‘pretty flustered’ when Styles , member of boy band, One Direction approached her.

‘That little chap has some moves because he’s got swag. He got me when I was like 35 or something, and he was 21.” Sia said to her friend Eddie Benjamin for Interview Magazine:

I know, I got dizzy,’ she explained.

‘I’ve heard it from a lot of girls. ‘He’s got the smooth moves because he’s a charming young chappy. But certainly I felt like I went bright red.’
Sia recently revealed that she is now a mum, and doesn’t have time for a relationship but would be interested in ‘no strings sex’ with Major Lazer producer Diplo.

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